Vegetarian and vegan meals are great options for meat-eaters.

Let’s face it. Most Americans LOVE meat. They love the texture, the taste, and the different varieties of meat (bacon anyone 😊). That doesn’t mean they can’t still enjoy plant-based meals every now and then.

Vegetarian and vegan meals are great options for meat-eaters. They are packed with protein, but it’s usually a healthier, lighter type of protein than meat. Plant-based proteins are nutrient rich and fuel your body with more heart healthy vitamins and minerals.

Meat-eaters are usually surprised by the explosion of flavor they experience with vegetarian and vegan meals. People who cook a lot of plant-based meals learn early on that you must use a wide variety of spices and seasonings to impart flavor into your food. This puts your taste buds on alert and makes them crave more delicious culinary experiences.

As we enter the next decade, why not consider adding a few plant-based meals to your weekly menu. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. EZ Clean Eats has an international menu of flavors to choose from every week. As an added bonus, you’ll feel a little less guilty about devouring that monster cheeseburger if you know you’ll be eating a wonderful, healthy chickpea curry dish for dinner. Why not enjoy the best of both worlds?

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