Happy New Decade! A Perfect Time For Change.

The start of a new decade is a perfect time for change. We ring in 2020 with hopes and dreams of better things to come, but they won’t happen on their own. We must make better choices and do the hard work. And it is hard work.

Where to begin? Like a lot of people, I always make a list of New Year’s Resolutions that last less than 2 weeks. The main reason I fail to keep my resolutions is because they are too strict and if I don’t keep them perfectly, I just quit. This year, I’m still making a few resolutions, but they are doable, and I’ll cut myself some slack when I fall short. I won’t beat myself up for not drinking all 8 cups of water or eating a snack after 8 pm.

Planning is going to be key to my success this year. I’ll make better choices at the grocery store so there will be less temptation at home. This will also help me keep healthy snacks for when I’m on the go. It can be difficult to find healthy, plant-based snacks when you’re out and about. I’m even going to keep a refillable water bottle by the door, so I don’t forget to stay hydrated. If meal planning is a challenge for you, let EZ Clean Eats do the work.

Planning is also going to help me with my exercise goals. I will lay out my clothes for the following morning’s workout or walk and have my equipment ready to go. I’ve found some great YouTube videos to follow a couple times a week. I’m starting small, so I don’t overwhelm myself and give up. After a few weeks of pain and torture I’ll be ready to push myself a little harder.

Finally, we must take time to appreciate the small victories along the way. If you are trying to lose weight, relish the NSV, or non-scale victories you achieve. Did you fit into that smaller size, tie your shoes with ease, get a compliment or get taken off some medication? That’s great! Celebrate! If you finished writing one chapter of the next great novel, pat yourself on the back. Good job! I plan to reward myself for each area of my house I declutter. I wonder what I’ll buy. Just kidding 😊. The point is, be proud of your accomplishments along the way and don’t just wait to celebrate once you’ve reached your goal. It will make the journey so much more enjoyable. Just think of what you can accomplish in the next 365 days if you start making small changes today. This is the perfect time for change so let’s get started.

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