4 simple steps to start clean eating.

Clean eating is all the rage these days, but what does it actually mean and how do you start to eat clean? Here are 4 simple steps to help you get started on your quest for a healthier lifestyle.

Clean eating is basically eating more whole foods in their natural state like whole grains, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables, and avoiding processed foods and refined sugar as much as possible. That’s it. Easy-peasy, right? Not so fast. Who has time to deal with whole foods with our busy schedules? You do and I’ll help you get started.

Step one is to make a list of natural foods you can snack on during the day. This could include various fruits, nuts, seeds, and even dark chocolate. These items can start to take the place of vending machine choices you may have at work.

Step two is to think about 1 or 2 of your favorite go-to meals. If you are like most of us, they involve some type of processed items. Now do an internet search for those meals and find a recipe at your skill level that you can make from scratch. Print off a copy of the ingredient list.

Step three is to take those lists to the grocery store and purchase all those delicious whole foods. You will probably find most of the items around the perimeter of the store with all the fresh items instead of in the aisles. Once you see all the colorful, healthy choices, I guarantee you will buy more food than your lists call for.

Step 4 will take a little more time than the other steps, but it’s also the most rewarding. Put a weeks’ worth of your snacks in individual portions so they will be ready when you feel the need to snack. I always have sliced apples, grapes or nuts in baggies so I can eat on the go. That way I’m less tempted to reach for processed foods. Now it’s time to tackle that new recipe. You will probably be surprised that it doesn’t take much more time than the processed version and the finished recipe will taste 100 times better. I promise your loved ones will notice the difference.

That’s it. An easy way to dip your toe into the world of clean eating. You will probably start to feel a little lighter (not just weight) after a week and will want to start incorporating more clean meals into your rotation. It doesn’t have to be all at once or all or nothing. Every little bit helps. EZ Clean Eats offers a variety of plant-based meals for those weeks when you need a helping hand or want to try something new. Happy clean eating!

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